Infinity Beard

If it’s up to Aubrey de Grey, we as humans will be 1000 years or older.

This statement by him was the reason for me to tell a story with an illustration. If you already have a beard and you just keep on living, and you don’t shave your beard. Will it be an infinity beard?

On iPad pro with an apple pen, I drew a vectorisch Aubrey in Affinity designer. I have experience in illustrator, so instead of illustrator I decided to do a bit more on the iPad. It’s always fun to learn something new. Drawing the beard with a vector brush in Affinity was great. The number of layers was bizarrely large, and I was amazed at how well the Affinity keeps performing with the vector brush.

To convert his beard into an infinity beard I had multiplied him six times in total as one group in Affinity. In a copy of this I continued to grow his beard. In the end there were several copies next to each other where only the beard had grown.

The final result was Aubrey with an infinity.

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